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Tuesday, March 14, 2006


I'm so happy! Not only did Black Sabbath and Lynyrd Skynyrd finally get their due at the Rock N' Roll Hall of Fame after years of being snubbed, but the Sex Pistols gave back as good as Sabbath ever got when they told the Hall to piss off. "Kiss This" was Lydon's response.

I love it.

Blondie got into a bit of a row on stage when former members pleaded with Debbie Harry to let them play. No such luck for Frank Infante and Nigel Harrison. Here's a hint Frank, don't sue the band you want to play with. There might be a reason they didn't ask you along for the reunion, maybe you suck Frank.

I can't wait to watch it on March 21st. I just need a TV.

Happy for Blondie. There are few women in rock and roll that I love as much as Debbie Harry.

The best part about Debbie is her trashy New York accent.
Ted, did you know a mutual friend of ours once hit on Debbie Harry and was promptly shot down?
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