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Wednesday, April 19, 2006


As I donned my Canucks jersey today, I said to myself; it's time to check in on the NHL. Bad news almost all around. Hue's Wild, my Canucks, and Tony's Thrashers are all sitting out the post season, and for each it was a case of being a few games short.

Chrispy's Hurricanes, which are his by default since they are what used to be the Hartford Whalers, have clinched their division, and are heading into the playoffs with a decent head of steam.

I cannot support any team from Carolina no matter where they used be. In the spirit of the underdog, and since they were my third choice when I was looking for a team to support, I'm going with Edmonton in the post season despite the fact that they squeezed my Canucks out of a spot in the race for the Cup.

Damn, you beat me to a post again. Yep, my birds missed it by a hair. It was quite exciting to watch the run up down here in Atlanta. I even felt a rising tide of hockey love emerging amongst gen pop here for a little while.

I gotta go with the former Whalers here. They are spreading hockey love where there was none before and that is a very noble cause.
Ah, it's so nice to always be right.

They clinched that division a while ago, yes?

Go Whalers! Go Whalers!
I'm almost of a mind to join Chrispy based on the long lost Burger King fish sandwich of the same name...
Indeed, The Carolina Whalers coasted into the playoffs as a top seed. They owned the division and should be tough to beat.
um, my wild fell a little more than a few games out...

It will be a great post season no matter, I will be sad to see the season end. I thought I was going to hate the rule changes, I don't mind them at all.

Great reference to the Whaler sandwich, I've always preferred the McDonald's "fellatio" Fish.
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