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Tuesday, April 11, 2006


I like this new thing. This new thing is great. I can do this with this new thing, and I can also do this other thing with this new thing. I really like this new thing. If you want this new thing too, you can go here.

What was wrong with the old thing? Was it not as new as the new thing?

When the new thing gets old, it will be the old thing.

But I suppose there will be another, newer thing, which will just be called the new thing, and the old new thing will just be another old thing.
Wait a sec. Are you posting a meta-version of my blog for the last few days?
What is this new thing? Italics?
Dave, I'm sorry but no. I haven't had time to fully catch up. I've only been through Tony's and Chrispy's - you're next, followed by Hue and then AVC.

Tony - itlalics are old, this thing is new - sheesh.

Chrispy - yes.
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