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Tuesday, April 18, 2006


It certainly was uncomfortable being a Neil fan when his pro-war 9/11 reaction 'Let's Roll' came out. I guess Neil is human, and got caught up in the same mind set that so many Americans had - a justifiable reaction. Now it's five years later, and Neil is back on the peace train. I am much more comfortable with the anti-war Neil.

Mostly, I just hope these new songs are better than 'Let's Roll'. I can forgive Neil his momentary lapse - as I said, many fell into that trap, but bad music is....well...bad. Almost as bad as war.

I got nothing against Neil and his posit, but "Let's impeach the president" is absurd. Unless he's speaking of Canada's Prime Minister Martin. Neil is not a U.S. citizen.

"In the big hotels ... in the mosques and the doors of the old museum ... I take a holy vow ... to never kill again."

Great! Get our enemies to take and actually adhere to the same vow and I'm all in.

It'd be nice if it weren't true, but bad music isn't a necessity, but unfortunately sometimes war is (I'm not talking about Iraq either).
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What's so absurd about 'Let's Impeach The President'? Is it that you haven't heard such setiments? I doubt that. Here in NYC it's something you hear daily.

Neil may be from Canada, but he lives in the US and pays taxes here, he's entitled to his opinion.

War is only a necessity as long as the people who have the power to make war deem it so.

I have no enemies.
Ken, that's funny - just goes to show that even the meekest (Moby) got behind the retribution for 9/11.
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The whole point is to take the vow never to kill regardless of what your enemies do. That's reaching for some higher state of being, which is what Neil's character is doing in this lyric. It's actually an old Christian idea, you know...

We have not taken, nor do we adhere to that vow, and there is no reason to expect our enemies will either.

Neil has EVERY right to say let's impeach the President (BTW, when your talking about the President of the US, it's not "the president", it's capitalized. I guess Neil knows more about some things American than some Americans). Were his children born in the US? Does he have anything at stake?

The old "Go talk about your own country's leadership" argument is absolute total bullshit coming from Americans - who have time and again opined on and decided what will happen to the leadership of other countries.

I'm happy that Neil is turning some people off with this record. It's high time rock and roll started getting people pissed again.

Keep on rockin' in the free world!
Chrispy has either a) woken up or b) got the rocking he needed.

He uses the term "Let's" as if he has a say. He can sing, talk, play, etc... all he wants and I'll probably buy a copy, but he can't vote here.

Agree with all the other points you made.
It wouldn't matter even if Neil could vote here, GOP gerrymandering would negate his vote anyway.
We can't vote to impeach the President either, Tony. We're not members of Congress.
Jackson -

Good point. We all know that there has never been any gerrymandering by Democrats. Ever.
When Dems do it, it's called Positive Re-allocation of Voting Districs...

Hey - the last Texan to get us involved in a protracted, un-winable, greed based war on foriegn soil was a democrat - and that guy could gerrymander like no other!
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