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Monday, April 24, 2006


First off, I don't like the term 'pacifist', I prefer 'peacenick'. The non-violent mind set is not natural. Mankind is never in a natural state of peace with his environment, or those with whom he must share it with. Non-violence must be practiced, it's something you consciously work on.

This morning, like many Monday mornings over the past three years, I took the train from DC at 7:00 am so I could get to work in New York by a reasonable 10:15 (gotta love production hours!). I always sit in the 'Quiet Car'. I choose to spend my three hours asleep if I can manage, but, alas, that is easier said than done.

The 'Quiet Car' has rules. No talking, no cell phones, no anything that will disturb those who choose the 'Quiet car'. Almost invariably somebody - invariably a 'suit' who's business is more important than the rules, or the comfort of the other passengers - ignores the rules, and either a) engages an associate in loud conversation or b) does said loud conversing on his cell phone.

This always upsets me. My initial reaction in never non-violent. Today I was wishing I had an empty beer can with which to pelt the offender. Empty beer cans are great for this. It's very hard to actually injure somebody with an empty beer can, but it's also hard to ignore one when it smacks upside your head. It's an attention getter.

Again, I did not have such a weapon at my disposal, and that is for the better. Had I pelted the 'suit' with an empty can of MGD, it would have resulted in even more disruption of the quiet in the 'Quiet Car'. This was something I did not want on my conscience. I merely wanted this guy to know he was an asshole. I managed that by using the peacenicks only weapon - dirty looks.

I dirty looked that guy so bad it must have cause internal bleeding, it made me feel better, him worse, and resulted in a peaceful ride for everybody in the 'Quiet Car'.

I think that we should send you to Iraq to give out a few dirty looks.
If only I could get eye contact with GW.
You gave the suit the mean face like in the picture here...
Sorry, I can't get the f'ng HTLM tag to work. this picture...

Oh, much worse - I've had almost twenty years to work on that face. They haven't made a camera that can handle the face I made this morning. I tried once to get an artist to do a rendering, but he flipped out and ran off screaming....
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