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Monday, April 24, 2006


Don't kids go to school to learn anymore - okay, so I'm not exactly without sin on this account, but you can bet whatever I was doing instead of the work I supposed to have been doing, I wasn't slowing down anybody elses progress.

Sounds like Limewire out at the studio...
Well your asking for trouble if your downloading something and tring to work in another application at the same time - mostly any sluggish internet issues out there involve George's on line killing games.
Oh sure, blame the military (as usual).

Comments like yours are seriously hampering George's efforts to kill everyone on the web. We've got to keep his morale up.
I have nothing but respect for the virtual soldiers that George kills....
I'm going to write a protest song about George V's War. Something like "Put Down Yer Gun and Pick Up Yer Soap", a plea for some tenderness and hygiene in these dark days. We'll do it on analog cassette tape with no Autotune.
Don't forget the Choir....
Oh, we'll choir the shit out of it.

We may use two choirs.
Put 'em in stereo for a dual momo mix?
do you mean dual moomooo?
Mammo - Monmo - malmo - malkovich....hey as long as the kids dig it....
I'd like someone to explain to me the big thrill of the likes of myspace and friendster. I'm on both, but just don't get the big thrill. I spend maybe 10 minutes a week on them.

I can appreciate the network bottlenecks they're experiencing with all the crap that goes on on myspace, with the streaming video and/or audio, etc.

Then again, I would have been pissed off in college if they had limited us, but all our stuff back then was text-based on dumb terminals. I would telnet to cdnow.com.

Btw, Ted, EXCELLENT title!
Cool name for a band: The Dumb Terminals.
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