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Thursday, April 27, 2006


Recently I have engaged in some poorly motivated blogging. I could blame it on the various stress factors in my life, of which there are many, but basically this is due to me just being a jerk. In the future I will try to refrain from the 'I Told You So' blogtype. It's not a flattering approach, and it's mean spirited. I had come to this conclusion on my own, but last night a friend, reader, and blogger reinforced those feelings. I am human, and as previously stated, a jerk, so I may lapse from time to time, but I'll try to reel it in a bit - besides, it's not Tony's fault that he's so wrong about everything...

Seriously, Tony, I've taken some cheap shots, and I apologize.

Now, enough of that.....moving forward.

I will be on the road for the next two weeks. I'll be in Atlanta for a week. I'll get to see Tony and his brood, and with any luck I'll make it to the Clermont Lounge as well.

Then I'll be in New Orleans for a week. I'm looking foreword to visiting one of my favorite cities. I'm sure their economy could use the enormous amount of money our crew will spend on drinks alone. For depravity's sake, you pretty much have to go to N.O. to top the Clermont.

During my absence, Chris will be holding down the fort out at Smoke and Mirrors, moving foreword with Geek Farm, Strikes Again!, and House of Blondes, perfecting the art of mixing, and hopefully not getting too pissed off at my not being there.

Two weeks on the road means a goodly chunk of change for Jackson, and although I now have more overhead than I used to, I still think this road trip will result in some sort of gear for S&M. I'm thinking a stereo pair of spiffy pre-amps. Air purification is another item on the agenda as well.

Also, during my absence, I feel it is safe to assume that George Vitray will kill many virtual soldiers, and make more headway on the 'Robots Kill Everyone' record.

Maybe, by the time I return, Podblaze will be up and running again. Bastards. I'd protest them, but it wouldn't do any good - DOH!

Look forward to seeing you my friend.
Katie will be thrilled to see you. She thinks you rock (even if you occasionally politically spar with her dad sometimes) :)
No sparring in person - we keep it on the blog.
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