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Monday, April 24, 2006


It seems demonstrations and protests can effect change. I wonder if somebody in Nepal thought that "Their efforts make no difference at all, and change nothing". I also wonder if any Nepalese protest songs were written or performed during the protests and demonstrations. If so, I wonder if "like most protest songs, and protests period, in this day and age they have little to no effect on anything."

Just wonderin......

Okay - so I'm not just wondering, and am actually taking a not so thinly veiled shot at Tony - but hey - slow news day.

Assholes. I would've punched them.
Empty beer cans my man, serioulsy, it's the way to go...
I've always enjoyed the half empty beer can. It flies a lot better, gets the dirty hippy a bit dirtier (not that they care) and packs a punch.
I guess I could point out the difference between the countries two very different existing constitutions and the liberties currently being extended to the citizen try, or lack there of in the case of Nepal, as relevancy in the discussion of political demonstrations effectiveness on bringing about change, but why bother. I'll get fisked for spelling errors that will somehow translate into a credibility quotient of my case and in the end you'll hear what you want to hear. Black vs. white.

Tell you what, let's experiment with this: Go ask the folks around the corner from S&M at the "Demonstrations-R-Us" store to put something together in front of The Hope St. Deli protesting the fact that they refuse to sell the Israeli pickles I like and let's see how affective the tactic really is in getting them put back in the cooler section..

In this country, in this age, demonstrations are nothing more than folks preaching to an already convinced base and a reason to get together and get stoned. Having participated in a few myself, this is what my experience was. Not that getting together in a group and getting stoned sounds all that bad.
We're going to get right on that pickle protest thing.

That's too bad that your only experiences were preaching to the choir and getting stoned.

Could this have anything to do with the fact that some of these protests were to legalize marijuana?

All of the protests I've attended have been incredibly informative - to me. Which is the point.
One was for pot, but I did my time at a couple of anti-nuke rallies in NYC the Jackson Browne MUSE sponsored ones, rallied against the PMRC while at UM and out at the conference in Annapolis where Zappa and Dee Snyder ripped Tipper Gore, there was another biggie I attended that had me in front of the UN building I just can't remember what the cause was, probably because I was as stoned as the rest fo the 100K in attendance. Even though I may have changed my position on some of these issues since (the nukes, not the pot), I still don't see where our efforts really had an impact on policy change. Maybe it did. I don't know, I just don't see it.
If the gang around the corner could get those pickles back I'd be convinced though...
I've seen the pickles recently.

Sure there are huge differences between whats happening in Nepal and the situation here, but over all I think it's rediculous to suggest that you can't effect change through protest or demonstration in this or any country, and frankly when you suggest such is the case, it makes you come off as rather fatalistic - which is sad really.
Fatalistic huh? Let's scroll Savage Distortion posts for signs of fatalistic rhetoric. It's a freakin mine field of negativity at least from a political perspective.

Look, I don't begrudge anybody's cause. I also think it's great that people are involved in their causes enough to attend a demonstration or a rally. I hope they all show up to the polls to vote their various advocacies nationally AND locally here in the U.S.

Having said that, with the gap between now and the 60's increasing, I just don't see these gatherings having anywhere near the impact as they used to. The Million Man March? What I do see is issue creep at most of them (when was the last time PETA didn't show up at a demonstration?) which artificially inflate numbers and dilutes the message in my opinion. Maybe it's because, Thankfully, that the bigger protests no long end up violent that their effectiveness has waned. Nothing grabs haedlines like mob violence, but that rarely occurs here in the states anymore sans the G8 morons where I strongly believe the results are detrimental to theri cause more than anything else.

I have causes that are near and dear to me. I'm glad public gathering and demonstration is having positive results for those fighting for democracy and liberty elsewhere in the world too. Maybe I should be more supportive of those who picket, march, sit in, etc... on behalf of those causes, I don't know. I'm not even sure what data I could point to support my position, it's just my gut feeling and in the end that's all I got.

Don't be sad, I'm certainly not.
"Fatalistic huh? Let's scroll Savage Distortion posts for signs of fatalistic rhetoric. It's a freakin mine field of negativity at least from a political perspective."

It may come off as negative when it opposes your view - which is quite often. It's a typical reaction, much like we always see coming from the right - when caught in the wrong they point to the other side saying "look, they were wrong here, here and here." That doesn't change the fact that they were caught out in the wrong.

I'm not sad. I'm glad. Glad we are a part of the great discourse. I think we can all agree that something needs to change - lines in the sand have been drawn - we've discussed this many times, how can progress be made when neither side is willing to work with the other?

So as soon as you are ready to admit that our side is the correct side we can get down to business. We've got your hemp sandals waiting for you.
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