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Monday, May 15, 2006


Stadium Arcadium cover

I bought it. Worth every damn penny. There's a lot going on in Frusciante land. I will say this; a mp3 encoded below 198 kbs would seriously compromise the artists intent. This double CD is packed with weird high end activity, and ferocious low end funky ass flea bass. Anyone willing to listen to this record in a sub-standard format won't really be listening to this record at all, which is a shame, because it's a great record.

stand-out tracks so far:

Disc One (Jupiter): Strip My Mind, Warlocks
Disc Two (Mars): 21st Century

It's all good, with some old school Chili's style romps, and plenty of fresh California Groove style Chili's with John Frusciante's harmonies (both vocal and guitar) shining all over the joint.

Gotta get you some......

It really does sound good.

There are bass grooves so deep on this record that I still haven't been able to climb out.

It's truly a masterpiece, with a great combination soul vibe and rock swagger.

Rick Rubin does it again.
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