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Thursday, May 18, 2006


Chan made this wonderful movie about his time down in the former Big Easy. Nothing there is easy anymore (except drinking in public and smoking in bars), and it looks like it will be a much smaller town when all is said and done.

I received a few photos from an associate that were taken last week. I'm not sure if they are worth a thousand words, but they certainly speak volumes. Srini Kuruganti is my friend, associate, and photographer. Jackson is wearing the hat and Duce Jersey.

Nice pix Jackson! Good thing I bailed early on you Srini early that night or no tellin' what I'd a had on my head!

Thanks for sharing the movie link. Irma Thomas is truly the Queen of New Orleans Soul! We all gotta keep getting the word out that NOLA (and the musicians there) need us now more more than ever. For those of you that have never neen to the "Big Easy". Go now! You won't regret it and you'll hear music and meet great people like you can't find anywhere in this country. The amazing food and non-party are bonuses! If you've been before. You know what I'm talking about, so go back and visit now. They need us! Spread the word...
That picture goes a long way toward explaining your exhaustion and illness....
I think Chan (CC WRITER) means 'non-stop party', and yes Chris, it does......
To quote the title of Coco Robichaeux's CD

"Yeah U Rite"

that WOULD be "non-stop party"!

Thanks for the very important correction.
The video was most excellent. I must get some Irma discs RIGHT NOW!
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