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Wednesday, May 24, 2006


Tony hipped us to this on his blog. Learn more here. Call e'm hooties, doodles, zee zee's, or friend, pets are an important part of our lives.

I wouldn't have been able to leave Buck behind if we'd been in New Orleans. They'd have had to shoot me.
I know for a fact that my mother would have stayed behind to care for her and my dad's two Grayhounds too.

I am quite sure I would have been lifted into the helicopter with my two doofus cats under my arms (I couldn't bare to see my daughter upset about leaving them behind). If the guy at the top told me I couldn't take them with me, I'd have said, "Fine, than cut the rope. I dare you." and hoped the guy was an animal lover.
We are fortunate that we have not had to make choices like that. I too, though I am petless, would like to think I'd have found a way to take care of my pet.
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