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Thursday, June 08, 2006


Wayne Chrebet retires. Shit.

“He inspired me every day. I loved the way he played and how he never backed down from anything. He was an incredible teammate. He was a warrior; and I always felt you’d have to kill him to get the upper hand on him. If every player in the NFL had as much heart and desire as he had, football would be illegal.” - Curtis Martin

A fitting tribute to a under appreciated player.
I bet that was one of the shortest press conferences ever....

'duuuuuh....I can't play anymore.'
I'd venture to guess that Clarkie isn't a fan of futbol.
Actually, I think she is a fan of futbol, just not a fan of football.
In the immortal words of Rob Bean, I'm actually a small air conditioner. And I love futbol, World Cup starts today! I don't have anything against the Jets, I was just jokingly referring to the state of Chrebet's head.

It was a joke, get it?
I think it's safe to say Wayne had his bell rung but good a number of times.
a career Jet

he was a gutsy player

we'll miss him for sure
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