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Monday, June 12, 2006


I love my sister in law for many reasons, but mostly because she calls it like she sees it 24/7. There's not a false bone in her body, and for that she has my deepest respect.

Anyone visiting New York and looking for great places to eat, or even New Yorkers who are looking to stretch beyond their usual haunts could do themselves a favor and check her blog. Better than Zagats says Jackson.

Recently she went out on the ledge and posted her feelings on Street Fairs, a NYC institution. She took some heat on the matter, but she has her points.

Personally I like the idea of a street fair, but I agree that there's too many of them, they are all the same (mostly), and that 2nd Avenue is a poor location.

When I lived in Nyack, I dreaded the Street Fair, I called it the Street Un-fair, because it was unfair to the local residents who went to the Stop and Shop and came home to find a lack of parking.

I hate street fairs. Everything about them.
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