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Wednesday, June 14, 2006

GUITARS (a reblog)

My first Guitar, not counting the Sears guitar I got in '79, was a charcoal grey Ibanez Iceman (above in metallic blue). It got sold in 1985.

That same year I bought this guitar, 'Ruby Red Slippers' as it is known. A mainstay at Smoke and Mirrors, this guitar has been with me through it all, and then some.

The next guitar I 'acquired' was a Harmony Rocket. I traded a gram of coke for it in 1986. It gets great feedback tones. Sadly, it's in need of serious repair, and it sits in it's case waiting for me to get around to it.

In 1987, I inherited an acoustic made by Gagliano. Again, sadly, I no longer have it. It used to sound great on tape, but it was a beater, covered in Flintstones stickers. It was in a severe state of disrepair when it was stolen in 2004.

I inherited another guitar in 1996. This time I scored big. A black Fender Stratocaster. Another mainstay at S&M, Black Strat is armed with more friendly .10's, unlike the Tele which I keep strung up with .12's.

Vintage Sunburst

Ah, the Junior. Chris has one that looks like the one shown above, mine is mahogany. Both are Epiphone versions of this same model. I love mine - love it! It's so comfy, the tone is thick and juicy, and it cost me $169.00 in 1997. In 1998 I bought another, a black double cut away that I can't seem to find an image for, that I recently had set up for a Keith style 5 string 'G' tuning . Think SG with one P-90 pick up.

Gibson Firebird Electric Guitar

When I spotted an Epiphone Firebird (above is the Gibson model in Tobaccoburst) in cherry red, well I had to lay down the $400.00 in 2003. I keep this one at home for no apparent reason, I need to bring it in for a set-up.

Thanks to Epiphone, I was able to collect many of my favorite models at affordable prices. When I got the Explorer in 2004 (again, above is the Gibson model), it was a boon for S&M, being that we finally had a double humbucking guitar, it has since been used by many clients as well as myself.

TV Yellow

The latest addition to the collection is much like this Gibson Les Paul Special (TV) shown above, except mine is a copy made by Ashland, and it has two P-90 pick-ups. I always liked this style, and after George set it up, it plays and sounds great.

Happy Fun Time, indeed.

I didn't know you had a Firebird. What's it like to play?

Cool in the Iceman. A friend of mine in high school had one. I remember it being really heavy with a very thick neck.

My first (and only) guitar was a Kramer Focus 2000. Righty. I didn't play it much. It's at a certain ex-girlfriend's place. Not sure if I'll ever see it again.
mmmmmm... Guitars
The Firebird is a bit akward, the headstock is massive, so the guitar doesn't have a good balance, it sounds a bit like a Telecaster. Mine also has tow single coild pick ups, most Firebirds have humbuckers, so that's probably why it sounds Tele-ish.

The Iceman was heavy and did indeed have a fat neck.

I remember your Kramer.

MMMM......Guitars is right!
what a great post!
ive been thinking about getting a firebird, is it good?
i hear that its unbalanced
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