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Friday, June 16, 2006


Jackson is heading back to ATL for the fourth time in the past year. This time I'll be staying at the Peachtree Westin. I have only been to this hotel once before, on my second visit to Atlanta back in 95. Tony Alva and Circy Nightshade took me to the spinning restaurant that's perched atop this, the tallest building in Atlanta. Tony and I, for all our manly 'caution to the wind' escapades in our youth, do not deal well with heights. I think I'll skip the view this time.

I will be joining Senior Alva for an evening with the Plimsouls. Peter Case and his former eighties bandmates have gotten the band back together for a tour.

As usual, I plan on an evening at the Clermont Lounge as well. Anything worth doing is worth developing into a habit.

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