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Tuesday, June 06, 2006


Last night I spent some time setting up the entertainment system for the Legal Diva and myself in our new home. The combo DVD/VHS player and the component console came up from DC with the rest of the Legal Diva's stuff. Everything else has been donated by generous friends and relatives.

During my last visit with the Alva's, I was offered, and accepted, a DVD player and a practically brand new receiver. Tony "That's What I Do" Alva shipped them to my office a couple of weeks ago, along with a gift for the Legal Diva. As Tony clearly understands, everybody needs a drum stool, they simply just don't often know they do.

The boxes sat at my desk at work for two weeks while I figured out how to get them to the new homestead. Yesterday I drove the Legal Diva's Mustang in to work, loaded it up with the boxes, and brought them home.

On Sunday, I drove said Mustang to Fred's house and picked up his kind donation of four Sonos speakers before going to Nyack to retrieve some of my stuff that's been sitting in Jimmy's basement for about a year.

So, last night I set up the system. I opened up the boxes from Tony, hooked up all the wires (a great percentage of my life has been spent dealing with cables), put together the drum stool, and popped in a CD to check out the sound. I'm using the DVD player from Tony as a CD player. I chose the "Year Of The Horse" live two disc set from Neil Young as my inaugural CD. I turned it up loud. This record needs volume, and I complied. The system sounds good, and Neil blasted away while I sorted through more stuff, and got that much further into the unpacking process.

Then, while making dinner, I watched a DVD - something like 'Inside Bowie and the Spiders, 1971-1974 - A Critical Review.' Stay away from any DVD calling itself a critical review, this series is a poor imitation of the superior 'Calssic Album Series'. The 'Critical Review' series employs a bunch of unknown British know-it-alls who's commentary assumes the audience knows absolutely nothing about the subject. They annoy me. The disc did have Woody Woodmansey, and Trevor Bolder (Drums and Bass for the Spiders Of Mars respectively), so there was at least some credibility, and a few moments of revealing insight. I do not recommend unless you are a serious Bowie fan.

Dinner was great. I have become the master of curry. When I made my first curry I was cooking at Bruxelles, and the menu had 'Chicken Curry' on it. The guy who trained me, in hindsight, doesn't know the first thing about curry - or the second. Over time, through much comparative eating, and experimentation, I have become a decent curry master.

First, you don't NEED a rue. In general, I don't ever use a rue - maybe in brown gravy, but that's about it. I can see a use for a rue if you are short on time and need to thicken a sauce, but since I don't cook commercially anymore, I have all the time I need.

I start with the standard mise en place. For me, it's diced onions and chopped garlic, and in this case, chopped Italian pepper (cubanelle). Sautee that shit up until the onions go opaque, and then you start building. Last night I started with a can of chick peas (garbonzos), and let them simmer with the mise en place. After a minute or two I started in with the spices and whatnot. I used yellow Jamaican curry powder, some chipotle hot sauce, ground cumin, Jane's Crazy Mixed Up Salt (a must for anything), and a splash of white wine.

Let that shit simmer down! This is how you can get a thick sauce without a rue, let the veggies cook down in a sauce, it'll do nice on it's own given time.

About fifteen minutes later I added a can of tuna, and half a can of coconut milk and let that simmer for a bit. I boiled up some elbows, and added them as well. After the combination simmers for another minute or two, voila, you are done. Delicious Tuna Curry with Garbonzos and Elbow Pasta.

Bowie and Ronson helped.


recipes and rock in one post

will we be seeing more of this domesticated jackson?

i sure hope so!
Here's to hoping Jackson can find the same happiness that myself, rightbackatyou, and countless others have found in our own domestication!

Can't wait to sleep on your couch...
Thanks Dad.....
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