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Friday, June 09, 2006


But it may be the greatest full length record protesting the war in Iraq that was made in a week. I gave it a listen, and was pleased by some tracks, not so pleased with others. But, we must remember that we are talking about a Neil Young record.

What Neil Young record came off as great on first listen? 'Harvest'? 'After The Gold Rush'? Not many. 'Tonight's The Night' may be the greatest Neil record of them all, and that hit like bad acid at first listen.

There are standout tracks. I liked 'Looking For A Leader' straight off, and despite the silly title, 'Let's Impeach The President' is a good song. I don't much care for the chorus that is featured on much of the record, and that's my biggest critique - if anything on the record sounds rushed, it's those arrangements. One song is absolutely fantastic. Hands down the best song he's done in years - 'Roger And Out'. It's a song anybody can get behind, regardless of their feelings about this or any war.

'Trippin' down that old Hippie Highway
Got to thinkin' 'bout you again
Wonderin' how it really was for you
And how it happened in the end
But I guess I'll never know the truth
If you were really all alone

We were just a couple of kids then
Livin' each and every day
When we both went down to register
We were laughin' all the way
That's when we named it Hippie Highway
I still call it that today

Roger and out good buddy
I still call it that today

Two camaros racin' down the road
Feels just like yesterday

Roger and out good buddy
I feel you in the air today

I know you gave for your country
I feel you in the air today

Roger and out good buddy'

If you want to read more about this record, somebody has a blog about it, and on Neil's site, he has a page with reviews, both pro and con.

I have been listening to this record since it came out, it does grow on you. The first half is typical current Neil, the second half is some of the greatest stuff he has done in a while. You are correct about it being rushed, mainly the arrangements, not the lyrics. This is an important record because of the lyrics. I and Neil don't understand why nobody else put out a record like this.
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