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Thursday, June 01, 2006


"We won't negotiate about the Iranian nation's natural nuclear rights, but we are prepared, within a defined, just framework and without any discrimination, to hold a dialogue about common concerns." - Iranian Foreign Minister Manouchehr Mottaki

Fairly simple. They are going to do what they want concerning enrichment.

Does it make me feel good that Iran will have 'the bomb' soon? No.

Can I do anything about it? Again, no.

American foreign policy is a disater. We are making the worst sort of enemies - grudge bearing, nuclear armed zelots.

Speaking of nuclear armed zelots, our president and his administration have done everything possible to alienate and enrage an unstable populace - and to what end? Democracy?

I can't wait to see how this chapter ends......and I pray that we will.

I think the mistake of American foreign policy is that it is NOT clear enough for the pro-Democracy contingent in Iran. If you are getting beaten down by the Iranian government and you want some comfort that you will get support from the U.S., the mixed messages we are sending certainly won't make you feel better.

We've got to do more for that segment of the Iranian population that is being silenced by the current regime than say, "Hey, you guys go and make a democracy."
Like what? Fund a revolution? Isn't the current regime the product of a recent revolution? If there is a pro-democracy contingent in Iran, and I don't doubt there is, they aren't likely to advertise in the current climate. It's too bad the CIA is all fucked up, they're the guys to handle this sort of thing.
Jackson -

What in the heck are you talking about? Who do you think those students being arrested in Iran are? Are you even watching the news that's going on in Iran?
Egads you can be thick - that's exactly what I'm saying - now are you saying we 'organize' these students, and give them money or guns or what?

When you say we should do more, what do you suggest? Send troops?

I suggest we stay out of it - they have shown themselves capable of overthrowing one regime, let them do it again.

I don't think anybody is recieving any mixed messages. America is a pro-democracy democracy, I think that is generally accepted world wide.

I don't think America has the rescources to fight every tyrant and suppressive regime on the planet.

There's work to do at home.
I have two very good Iranian friends and colleagues who travel home regularly and can vouch for a vibrant and vocal pro-democracy anti mullah contingent, especially in the universities. At the same time, they readily admit that the money, power, and terror factor that the government and the mullahs have easily trumps all.

My friends even predicted the rhetoric based politics that we are now experiencing several months ago. They said this tactic would be deployed to distract the worlds attention away from Iran's internal problems along these lines and stir up nationalism over their nations autonomous right to nuke plants.

I gotta say, I think the approach we're currently taking is a prudent one really.
That sounds extremely plausible to me. Nuclear brinkmanship is a high stakes game - I hope you are right Tony.
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