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Thursday, June 08, 2006


Every so often I peruse the blogroll over at AVC to see if there's anything up my alley. I'm not sure how I missed this one, but I'll be checking back often. Take a peep at the recent Eno post.

I'll go back again for a read, but I'm kinda thinking that our metal selves would have heaped a mountian o' mockage on this guy in high school:

"While reigniting my faith, camp did wonders for my social life. I watched as one by one the girls from our Arizona group were picked off by California guys festooned in styles never seen in rustic Arizona: Kung Fu Karate slippers, rolled up pant cuffs, popped collars on Polo shirts. The code to meeting girls had been cracked. Fashion was the unlikely answer.

Camp was an awakening. Girls mattered now. They had mattered before, but they really mattered now. And style was important. I had to actually buy trendy clothing to attract women. 8th grade started and I came dressed to impress. Black and white checkered shirt, black pants, cuffs folded and rolled to above the ankles. And it worked. I actually met a girl. Thank you California!"

He sounds like the preppy dude in Valley Girl.
I just read the Eno post.....
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