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Thursday, June 01, 2006


Smoke and Mirrors is proud to announce the latest addition to our family - a Sennheiser MD421II. This multi purpose microphone is great for amps, and voice, but it's true calling is tom tom's. Our goal is to add two more, and then call in Dr. Rob to take 'em for a spin.

Most excellent purchase! We actually used these on toms at Coal Mine when Bill Walsh brought them in. Did they set you back a bit?
I only bought one - for now - I'll be getting two more soon - Guitar Center is selling them for $350 - they list for 500+.
Can I then get a good price on your used SM57's? :-)
Ha! I actually bought another 57 as well yesterday. Can't have enough of the old workhorse. Chris and I have a dream of doing an entire record with only 57's.
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