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Monday, June 19, 2006


Last night Tony Alva and I, along with some compadres on my crew, checked out The Plimsouls at Smith's Olde Bar. What a great place! Spacious bar, good food, pool tables, and live music upstairs. You can tell the quality of a bar's food by ordering wings, which I did. No par cooking at Smith's, they fried up the wings straight out of the fridge. You can tell by the texture,, and the taste. Par cooked wings just don't taste right. The buffalo sauce was more than acceptable, tangy with a kick.

The Plimsouls rocked. I don't know how often these guys have played together since thier early eighties heyday, but one would think from their perfromance last night that they had never stopped.

Peter Case is a great performer as well as singer, and he kept the pace fast and up-beat. His lead guitar player was unbelievable. Just when you thought that he was lost, dicking around with his pedals, he'd launch into a tasty lead with the absolute perfect tone. Chrispy would have loved this band. The bass player was solid as a large granite deposit, and his back-up vocals were beyond reproach. Tony and I dug the drummer as well, who's unique style was both solid and perky, just the right touch on the cymbals, and his quirky fills were worthy of Ringo.

Can't say enough about how great The Plimsouls were. After the show, Peter remained on satge to greet his public (all 75 of us), and hawk t-shirts (probably the only source of actual income for the band).

Tony has seen Peter as a solo act many times, and I hope to catch him in that role soon.

You can read some very interesting posts about the music biz on Peter's blog.

I'm barely keeping my eyes open here at work, but it was well worth it. Very well rehearsed band playing for no other reason than to do it. You can always make the distinction between young up and comers and real seasoned pros. The seasoned pros like the Plimsouls will make the house drum kit sound good, house PA sound like a full rig at Madison Square Garden, and completely neutralize all the disadvantages that come with playing a club. Thier sound was perfectly balanced.

They were old, but sounded fantastic.

Hue, when are they playing MN?
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