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Thursday, June 01, 2006


When I moved to New York City eleven years ago I was, and have been since, disapointed in the FM Radio selections available. There are two major rock stations, KRock and Q104.3. KRock plays new rock (all that same sounding overcompressed crap), and Q104.3 was basically the Boston/Led Zepplin station - the same songs by the same bands, over and over - I don't need to hear 'Have You Ever Seen the Rain' again - ever.

The Legal Diva likes to have the radio on in the house, and in DC, we always listened to the classic rock station, so when she moved up here, we went with Q104.3 - whatever.

Then, to my utter shock and eternal gratitude, I happened to be in bed reading on a Friday night with the radio on, and lo and behold, this guy Eddie Trunk's show came on. Holy Crap - somebody who speaks my language was actually brodcasting in New York City.

My ears perked up when I heard 'Green Manalishi' by metal gods Judas Priest, but what came next earned Mr. Trunk my everlasting gratitude - he played 'Rock Bottom' by UFO from the live 'Strangers In The Night' LP. All eleven minutes!

I wept.

Eddie, I love you.

Eddie went on to play 'Bad Motor Scooter' by Montrose, and then I just completely broke down and thanked God for Eddie Trunk.

There is hope for us all.........

UPDATE: I sent Eddie an e-mail with a link to this post and I recieved a timely reply thanking me for my support and reminding me that the show is on Friday nights, not Saturday which I mistakenly posted. I made the correction.

Holy shit! Did he hear our podcast or something?

I stayed up WAY too late last night to see VH1's Tribute show. It featured JP who did my least favorite tunes "Breakin The Law" and "You Got Another Thing coming", but sounded and looked fantastic. The young turk band who did the tribute (whom I did not recognize) scored huge points by including "Victim Of Changes" in their medley.

The tribute to Kiss had Slash, Gilby Clarke, Scott Ian, and Ace Frehley (paying tribute to himself?). They ripped "God Of Thunder" quite handedly, but then the "real" Kiss came on with their fake Ace Frehley and was NOT good.

Def Lepperd simply sucked...
I wish I saw that - maybe I can catch a re-run.

Def Leppard - nine arms and sucky.
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