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Wednesday, June 14, 2006


Scott Foss

This is a photo of Scott Foss riding a pool with the Powell Deck that Tony and I had - ours was purple (darker than the one shown right). I'm not sure when Tony got it, or why he parted with it, but I ended up with it, and it was my prized posession until I got my Telecaster

Powell products were the coolest. I always liked the style, the Bones Brigade, and the fact that they were all in that Devo video for 'Freedom Of Choice'.

So many cool decks, like the Steve Caballero:

I miss the old days of waiting for the UPS guy to come by with my new skate, ordered from an ad in Skateboarder magazine, coming straight from the valley. I knew I'd never be a Jay Adams, or a Stacy Peralta, and though it seems there are two Tony Alva's, I wasn't destined to be either one of them either. But I loved to ride. Still do.

Man, my wife got me another skate video not long ago that I'll have to peep you to. It's basically 8mm footage of the dogtowners breaking into backyard pools and getting chased out. Excellent footage.

The Ray Bones deck you ended up with was my last skate. That pic is most awesome.
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