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Thursday, July 27, 2006


Thanks to Rob Machold for designing the CD art which is based upon concepts that he and Chrispy worked together developing.

I am very happy and extremely proud of this record.

'Santiago Love Songs' is entering the duplication process. As soon as we get them, we'll start selling them.

Do you mean that there will be no more tweaking?
Maybe with the art, but the music is done.
Did Rob pick the trees because they look like dendrites?
Where can I purchase a copy when complete? I am the proud owner of your box set( Kit 'N Kaboodle) spanning your early work to the stuff with Sex Circus Star... unfortunately it is on cassette and is starting to fail due to use) I would certainly support a remastered version on CD...
Yes on the Dendrites.

As soon as we get 'em, I'll get you one. E-mail me shipping info, a phone number would be cool as well.

Kit 'n Kaboodle is a personalized version of 'She Can't Wrestle, But You Ought To See Her Boxset'. A one of a kind.

Much of that is on ADAT, and i always say I'm going to revisit that stuff, but never get around to it. I'd love to hear your tapes.

There's also a bunch of stuff on 4-track cassettes - 'basement tapes' are a vanity Chrispy and I allow ourselves once in a very blue moon.
I haven't heard it yet, but I think the drums need more tweaking.
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