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Friday, July 07, 2006


Sometimes when an artists gets blocked, or is otherwise unhappy with his/her results, the artist may reach out for some inspiration. Immersion in a different culture, read new books, listen to some new or different music. Jackson has come to such a state with his cooking. Yeah, I've been watching a lot of Molto Mario, but I don't cook and view concurrently. I've decided to go out and buy a cookbook or two. This is something I've done only once before, in 2000 I bought (actually Chuck and Dave bought it for Bruxelles at my request) 'A Celebration of Soup' which kicked my cooking up a notch - well beyond the realms of soup.

I think I might get 'The Babbo Cookbook', which is Mario's book named after his famous restaurant here in NYC.

There's also 'The French Laundry' cookbook by Tomas Keller, again named after his famous restaurant in the Nappa Valley.

I could get my hero's book; 'Anthony Bourdaines Les Halles Cookbook', yet again named after his NYC restaurant were he famously no longer cooks.

Most likely I'll just browse the racks at Barnes and Noble and buy whatever cathces my eye.

Let us know what you get. And we expect a book report next week.
i vote no on french laundry, unless you're willing to turn your kitchen into a factory. The recipes are great, but the labor is intensive.
I'm just looking for new ideas.
i respect that. my ex bought french laundry, and i had a friend who applie for a wait job at the restaurant in CA. it's extremely hardcore. based on your food posts (you're a creative cooker), i think you'd have more fun with one of the other books. if the babbo book's your gut choice, so it's probably the right one.
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