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Monday, July 24, 2006


Having a great defense certainly keeps things interesting, but it really doesn't win games for you. The Jets never really got blown away last season, staying in the game, but ultimately losing much more often than not. Why? No Offense. The Jets need to address that this year.

Issue #1: QB

Can Chad stay healthy? Chad could be great, like Montana great, if he can only find a way to keep that shoulder in tact.

Issue #2: Curtis

Curtis Martin

Can Curtis compete. Age is a bitch, even the best bow to old man time, and make no mistake, Curtis is the best, quietly breaking rushing records for the past ten seasons, as loyal and classy as Peyton, Curtis is the certainly the greatest man ever to don the green - but can he keep it up in his eleventh year?

Is this man the answer?

Cedric Houston
(RB Cedric Houston)

Issue #3: Recievers

Justin McCareinsLaveranues Coles

(Justin McCareins) (Laverneus Coles)

Over the past three years the Jets have lost great recievers to free agency. I would cry, but nobody listens. Santana, come home! Anyway, McCareins and Coles are our proven warriors, here's to hoping Chad can get them the ball.

Otherwise, it's up to this guy again this year to put points up on the board.

Jonathan Vilma

(LB Jonathan Vilma)

i think the only healthy thing to do is start the season with really low expectations and hope they beat them.
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