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Friday, July 21, 2006


For some reason not revealed to me, lasagna popped into my head while walking through Union Square. I don't know of any relation between Union Square and Lasagna, but in this day and age I'm sure one can be found. I'll get Cheney on it.

Anyway, I decided to make lasagna for dinner. I have cooked some things that I called 'lasagna', but I have never bothered to use a recipe - until today.

Of course I only used the on-line recipe for guidlines, and to see if there was anything I wasn't getting right. Eggs and milk mixed in with the ricotta - I knew there was something missing.

I'll just tell you what I did that wasn't in the recipe.

I added diced peppers (cubanel, poblano) with the onion and garlic for the sauce - I do this a lot.

I used ground pork, which I seasoned with Jane's Crazy Mixed Up Salt, cumin, and jamaican curry powder.

I added layers of sliced eggplant which I sauteed in the pork grease - yeah buddy.

I left out the provolone, mostly because I didn't have any, and stuck with the mozz solomente like.

For the sauce I used a combination of Goya salsa picante, and stewed tomatoes.

It's been in the oven for twenty minutes. I can't wait.

Fusion for sure... SouthwestItalian.... The curry was a brave move. How did it turn out? I think this culinary creativity came from the early days of chicken rondelle experiments at Brian Spears house (as well as your Ramen creations in College Park)
All hail the great Capsicum anuum...
It came out great, I'm gonna reheat some for breakfast.

I only used a wee bit of the curry and cumin, just enough to zap it up some, but not enough to inform the whole dish.

I am sure you are right about the origins.
Hail indeed.

Peter Piper was onto something, pickled or not.
I never heard of putting provolone in Lasagna.
I have always been a big fan of the curry, but as you know, my motto has always been "if a little is good...then a lot is GREAT"... (you know.... kinda like if 1 Vicodin makes you feel a little better, then 37 must be super-duper)..
Not so true (with curry AND Vicodin)
Thankfully I have learned not to be so excessive...... with curry.
how do you get one of them-there little photos of you on your posts?
mmmmmmmmmmm......vicodin curry.....
When you log into blogger, you should see an 'edit profile' option on the right. Somewhere down that wormhole is the 'update image' or whatever, that feature will let you upload your image of choice.
Clarkie - yeah, I hadn't either - about the provolone that is. I'll tell you this; I'm not sitting here eating my lasagna for breakfast for the second day in a row and missing the provolone.

I couldn't hurt I suppose.
Hey Ted,

You should post a picture of your food for us all to drool on.

In other news, I will be opening "sort of" for Tom Fucking Petty on August 19th at Randalls Island.
If I ever get a digi camera, I would be glad to post food photos, as well as photos of all the other zany exploits in the life of Jackson.

I very much plan to be at the T F'ing P show at Randall's, what would be the specifics of your role MIster D. Fool?
Playing on the second stage, but plan on finding the man backstage and smoking with him. I may need your rolling skills.
I'd be happy to help out a brother for a worthy cause.
the tom petty gig sounds great. too bad i won't be there.

i think lasagna is on my top 10 dishes of all time!
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