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Friday, July 21, 2006


A few months ago I turned the word verification on my blog off. I felt that I was losing potential comments from extremely lazy people who would otherwise be happy to comment.

It turned out that I still generally only get comments from my band of faithful bloggers, but an interesting thing happened. For a while at least, I was not getting comment spam. It seemed that when I originally enabled the word verification, I got taken off a list or something, because when I first turned it off after about a year, no spam - for a while. Lately I've been getting infested with spam, all of it on old posts. One post 'American Heath Care - A Bad Joke' got hit with multiple comment spam daily. I deleted that post - we all know American Health Care is a joke. Today I enabled the word verification again, and after a while I'll probably turn it off again.

Sorry for any inconvenience.

I think you just like turning things on and off...
I'd love to turn you on......
I'd comment more frequently but I am a threadkiller, its a proven fact.
What good is a thread if it isn't worth killing.
comment spam rarely affects recent posts. i think all these blog platforms (blogger, typepad, wordpress, etc) should let you turn on word verification for posts that are older than a week (or whatever time period you choose).

that's the best solution.
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