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Friday, August 25, 2006


Ok, saying that one group of musicians is 'the best' or 'greatest' or any other superlative is nonsense. I know that.

Having said that, it is my belief that the band known as the Heartbreakers who work with, and I feel include a gentleman named Tom, are one of the very best, if not the best, bands to be formed by a group of americans.


Glad you asked.

For thirty years the same guys have been doing the same thing. They have become trancendant of the process of making music. It's what they do, and when they do it, they enter a zone where they lock together on a plane we can't know, but we can feel it, because it's for us, and they do it for us.

Track record - undeniable.

It's fascinating to me that four of the five guys that moved to LA from Gainsville Florida in 1975 are still working together, and playing - sounding, better then ever.

Who can say that?

Booker T. and the MGs?

I'll buy that on priciple. Not long on hits of their own, but have played on so many that they stack up, at least in an honorary status.

For God's sake, I'm listening to the new Petty record (2006 - fairly current I'd say) right now. Do you know what it sound like? You should....

It sound like Tom Fucking Petty!

Figo rocks.

Couldn't be a truer post...

I hope we didn't chase paparobbie away. Even though he's wrong, it would appear after poking around his blog that he's got something to say.

LOL...Chase me away? Never! I was just being engaging because I enjoy discussions like this...Like when Jackson made his little remark about Dancehall Reggae, just stirrin' up shit for the sake of conversation. And I'm wrong huh?
Only about Tom's voice and band, on all other accounts I find you to be a source of impeccable info.
It never ends.
+1 on Tom and the boys. They're playing Gainesville next month and I'm going to catch them live for the sixth time. I first saw them in 1980 in Richmond, VA. Twenty six years later they still mattter
and they're not some re-tread has been nostalgia act. Now if I could only achieve the same state of mind I had in 1980 everything would be perfect.
E Street Band is still better. LOL
The new TP cd is just like his past stuff... great.

He stays on top being himself - he has never had to re-invent himself ala Aerosmith. You'll never see TP record someone else's song for a big budjet Bruce Willis movie.

note: i understand Asmith got sober as part of their re-invention and I have a lot of respect for that... however I will NEVER forgive them for "don't want to miss a thing"

Bruce Willis movie soundtrack song - or a regular role on "King of the Hill"?? Yep, Tom Petty wins again!
I'll take your 'LOL' as a sign that you know the E Street Band is a joke in comparison.

No member of the E street band stacks up to any member of the Heartbreakers.
And that's the truth...

I don't listen to clean and sober Aerosmith.
Regarding Aerosmith, I liked them better when they were wasted. I have, on numerous occasions, turned on some of my younger co-workers to the early Aerosmith (GYW,Rocks, TIA). Surprisingly, there are a great number of people out there who think Aerosmith came on the scene in '88.
Clarence Clemons can play a damned saxophone....Can any Heartbreakers do that? Oh wait...Heartbreakers have NO DAMNED HORN SECTION! E,W & F still got horns...Bootsy's Rubber Band got horns...By the way, I did an informal poll and I asked a cross-section of 20 people to name the 3 greatest American Bands of all-time in their opinions. ONE person mentioned Tom Petty and The Heartbreakers as his THIRD band (Allman Brothers and Ramones were his first two). 3 different people mentioned E,W& F and Sly & The Family Stone...I conducted this survey at 2 independent Cd shops. I asked customers & employees at random....Just wanted to kick the comatose horse one last time.Hey, it's all subjective man! All I know is, if I EVER see you rockin' that redneck flag, we gon' have a LONG talk. LMAO
Hmmmm. 20 people, huh? Sounds statistically significant to me.

Speaking of that flag, TP&H have been known to do a rendition of "Dixie" that'll bring tears to your eyes. Beautiful.
Fatsacca, your sarcasm has prompted me to do some research.

Well, USA Today also did a poll (with a whole lot more people). Here are the rankings for Greatest American ROCK Band Ever(see they qualified it).
1. Pearl Jam
2. Aerosmith
3. Van Halen
4. The Eagles
5. Journey (cough..)
6. Guns n Roses (coughs...bullshit)
7. Grateful Dead
8. Queensryche
9. The Doors
10. R.E.M
11. Allman Brothers/Flletwood Mac (tie) (Fleetwood shouldn't count as American)
12. Metallica
13. KISS
14. The Ramones
15. Bruce Springsteen and The E Street Band/ Creedence Clearwater Revival (TIE)
16. Dave Matthews Band/Lynyrd Skynrd (tie)
17. The Beach Boys
18. Nirvana
19. The Replacements
20. Bon Jovi

So a helluva lot more people feel like Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers aren't even in the top 20....I'm just sayin'. When we talk about Boxing, most people agree that Ali is the greatest....Tom Petty must just have that status on this blog.I'm going to put the horse on life support, in case you want to bring in some carrots.
USA Today, hmmmm...

One who doesn't actually listen to TP&HB's should give it a try.

I love Bruce for the most part, but will state this one truth: Clarence Clemons is about the worst sax player ever to blow air through a reed. More often than not, he'll simply blow a rendition of the vocal melody except he'll do it really loud. Extremely annoying.
USA Today would attempt to quantify a subjective argument, I bet they had a real eye catching graphic. Lets face it, USA Today is to journalism what Hanson is to rock n roll. All I can say is my list is a lot different then theirs. Subjectivity.

Regarding BS&ESB, they had their time, always greatly overrated in my book. Songs about Jersey and high school and yada yada. Bruce was packaged cool, sort of, for 4 or 5 years. Clarence has been put to pasture, Max works for Conan, and Little Steven is a TV mobster (with a great radio show I might add). Bruce's next big step in life is going to be six shows a week at the Mirage in Vegas.

Now as for boxing, Tyson would have put Ali on the mat in 38 seconds.
But Tony, I'm sure that Clarence is a better saxophone player than ALL of the Heartbreakers....
All any of this really means is that I have to blog more about Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers until the world sees the truth as I have, witnessed it.

I guess I'm just testifying.

Everything gotta have horns?
Fatsacca, you have shown us all your lack of pugilistic knowledge. The fact that you believe that Mike Tyson could stand a chance in the ring with Ali at all proves you need to stick to discussions about The Heartbreakers.Tyson in his prime would have been outwitted, outboxed and knocked the f**k out by Ali in his prime. Tyson is to boxing what Billy Ray Cyrus is to music history. A very brief flash in the pan who made a lot of noise but fizzled out quickly.
Although I agree that Ali (before 75) would have put Mike through endless rounds of dancing, and then mercifully (okay maybe not mercifully) put him away, I think that comparing The Lisping Wonder to Billy Ray Cyrus is a bit too much, more like Brittany Spears.

I think Tyson had more than one hit.

It's hard to think of anyone who Ali wouldn't have beaten (in his prime - again, before 75) except Jack Johnson.
The problem is...Tyson never beat anyone worth noting (Holmes was WAY past his prime). Ali beat people at their best.All of Iron Mike's devastating KOs were against less than stallar competition. Ali fought LEGENDS.At least Billy Ray didn't lip-synch his concerts....I have more respect for Cyrus than Spears.
I see your point.

How would Clubber Lang stand up to Iron Mike?
Clubber KOs Tyson in 8 rounds.
Then says..."Get up fool, I ain't done"
I'm just really impressed (I suppose you could say "color me impressed") that the Replacements made it onto a USA Today poll. All hope is not lost for the rock&roll soul of middle America.
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