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Wednesday, August 30, 2006


Okay, so I'm all busy building the new Smoke and Mirrors, so my posts have been brief. Fruitful - thanks Robbie, but light on content. So to get everyone caught up.....

I'm improving as a carpenter. I still hate it.

Brain Shivers is a record that was recorded by, written by, and produced by:

Chris Pace, Ted Wilson, George Vitray, and Rob Machold.

It took a long time. I like it alot.

Robbie likes horns.

I like Tom Petty.

Tony Alva is a dirty bastard for loading my avatar with false statements - except the supple ass bit.

I figured it'd motivate you to login into SitePal and figure out how to record your own audio:-)

I've decided to name my avatar Tiny Alva, what do you think?
The Artist as a Young Alva
Why does the avatar not cross it's eyes!!

It's really bothering me.
If Jackson's avatar eyes crossed it would neutralize the evil powers they possess.
"Fuck off you preppy skeez,
Yo home boy what's for lunch?
Yo home fucker let's watch the Brady Bunch"
Ted, Are you really sporting a Freddie Mercury mustache and a soul patch these days?
That was my early summer look, now I'm doing the grizzly addams thing.
Go into SitePal and add the GA beard my man...
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