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Friday, August 18, 2006


What is the most important attribute a young band can have? Chops? Nope. Great Songs? Nope. Good looks? Sorry.

The most important quality a new group can have is the ability to network.

Figo, Tedstock allums, and good friends of mine are having a great summer playing festivals around the country. They played Lollapalooza in Chicago a few weeks back, and are playing the Amsterjam festival at Randall's Island here in NYC this weekend.

How did Figo achieve this success.

Work. Working rooms, parties, events, anything.

DJ-ing parties and events has been a huge factor. Unable to play on a stage at Coachella, Figo shows up to DJ some after parties. This, in turn, leads to connections, and gigs.

I will be at Randall's Island this saturday, and so will Tom Petty.

How cool is that?

Thanks for the reminder on these guys.

BTW... have you heard any of the X's new album yet? I just order it today.

I gotta call John.

I'll pick up a copy soon, let me know how it sounds.
Thanks for your help yesterday!! How fucking cool was Tom Petty???
My pleasure.

Completely cool.
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