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Tuesday, August 01, 2006


25 years ago MTV began it's broadcast. VH1 Classics is playing all the videos from MTV Day 1. I love it. Anybody who had a video got played. Unfortunatley Rod Stewart and Styx had a buttload, but between those horrible videos there were some truly great acts, and some truly laughable ones as well.

I don't need to lament MTV's downfall, becuase VH1 Classics plays all the old videos on a regular basis. But MTV does indeed suck these days, and has ever since it spawned reality programming.

Thanks assholes.

You forgot to say happy birthday to Buddy Guy! He turns 70 years young today. What kind of guitar playing mad man do you think you are?
Well stated Jackson...

How's the move coming along?
Video killed the radio star for a long time..
I have been listening to Sirius radio in my house a lot lately.
Are you Sirius? Have you checked out Howard?
OK so just for the sake of being a jerk, you just sound like an old crank. The age of MTV playing music videos is 20 years in the past. The kids who listen to it now weren't even born when it showed music videos all the time. They never knew it and frankly don't even want it that way. MTV isn't programmed for you and studies showed that when MTV played music, no one really sat and watched it anyway. They just flipped there on commercials. I like all music channels too like M2 and VH1 classic, but saying that MTV should play music videos is like complaining that IBM doesn't make typewriters anymore.

Just stirring the pot of contraversy. Hope your move is going well.
Got it for Howard, but now I end up listening to everything else. I have heard that David Johansen has a good show on.. I have not heard it yet. I actually really dig "Radio Classics"... they play radio shows from the 40's (like the "Whistler", "The Shadow", etc) really cool...
It has def changed my entertainment habits...
Did you get Sirius?

We ARE old and cranky, but you actually make a good point. I think the reality is that nobody really gives a shit about music video anymore. The form may have simply run it's course and music may be simply reverting back to it's essence of being an aural media which I think is great.

The fact that Sat radio is finding subscribers and from anecdotal testiments from friends who have the service, there seems to be a renewed focus on simply listening to music which is indeed a departure from decades past.

MTV still blows though...
Evan, just for the sake of being an old crank...only blind kids listen to MTV, normal kids watch it.

Typewriters aren't the same anymore either.

I most certainly did sit around and watch it, back whan it played music videos, however many long years ago that was.

Yep, old = me

Milkyum (my mom asked who milkly yum was, hee hee) No, I don't have Sirius, was just wondering if Howard was as good with swear words.

Tony - word

The moving part is over, now we're building. It's very hot.
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