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Monday, August 21, 2006


The Heartbreakers are the greatest american band - ever. The highlight was a cover of the Fleetwood Mac (Peter Green period) classic, 'Oh Well'. That and 'American Girl'.


Man, I gotta make sure I get to his show when he's in town next month.

I've The James Gang on Thursday. Oh Hells Yeah!
I assume Joe is with the Gang...
Indeed he is... I've been tuning out to the gang a bit lately. The guy is complelely under appreciated overall.
What was the song in his set that had the really heavy blues riff?
we need some pics!!
You should have taken some - wait, you didn't go. More fool you.

I will gladly post photos just as soon as I get a camera.

Considering I'm not working, and spending thousands on the studio build-out - don't hold your breath.

Drunken Fool - 'Oh Well' by the old Fleetwood Mac.
The greatest American Band ever? What are you smokin'?
The best stuff around.

Name a better band, just one.

You might think you know of one, but you'd be wrong.
The elements called...EARTH,WIND and FIRE. And that's just ONE.
E,W, & F are a great band, but they don't sit at the same table as the Heartbreaker's. Strike one...
I've seen both bands. Now in 76 or 77 EW&F probably were a better band than the Heartbreakers, but certainly not today - not enough original members, and the singing has not stood the test of time.

E,W&F don't sit at the same table because they're in the VIP section eating gourmet meals while the Heartbreakers are doing buffet across town...How many original members are in the Heartbreakers? And how long have the Heartbreakers been together? I'm sure I could name at least 10 more better bands, but your taste is soooooo much different from mine. Oh yeah Philip Bailey can still sing CIRCLES around Tom Petty's flat/monotonous voice....Hey, I'm just sayin.
The Heartbreakers ain't shit. I'M the shit! I WAS the Beach Boys, motherfucker! Put "Kokomo" on, listen 100 times, and you'll be saying "Pet Sounds wha?" and "BW blows." Thank me later and kiss my ass!
I love "Oh Well." Have you heard Joe Jackson's cover? Pretty darn good.
Pappa, let's just agree to disagree because you just aren't willing to listen anyway.

The Heartbreakers have all their original members except the drummer(Steve Ferrone - sound familiar?) , and they are currently enjoying their 30th anniversiary.

Phillip can't do it like he used to could. Tom can.
Like you're willing to listen? You act as if Tom has range...LOL. He can still do it the same way Bob Dylan can STILL do it. No comparison. You MIGHT have gotten by if you just said greatest american "rock" band, but I think Bruce Springsteen & the E Street Band kicked ass...I think Parliament Funkadelic are a better band than the Heartbreakers. But you're making a statement based on your taste and your taste seems to favor the music where the 2 & 4 aren't as prevalent. LOL
Oh yeah...The Heartbreakers don't even have a damned HORN SECTION (like E,W,and F)

Hasn't homeroom started yet?
Hey Tony,
Don't get your depends in a bunch man! Aerosmith, Parliament-Funkadelic, The Eagles, Van Halen, and The E Street Band would all kick The Fartknockers..I mean Heartbreakers arses musically. That's just my opinion.
FiGO is the greatest rock band in the world!!!!

The Eagles are boring-had a hard time not sleeping at their show,
Parliament finised being Parliament a long time ago,
The E Street Band are just like any other bunch of studio musicians and Van Halen are gay.

Tom Petty was really good at Amsterjam!
I have been converted.
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