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Friday, September 22, 2006


I just got done integrating all the vinyl I've bought over the last year and a half into the collection proper. The collection contains one thousand one hundred ninety-three volumes, that is to say jackets, or titles. Therefore my 5 record live Springtseen counts as much as my maxi- single of Peter Gabriel's 'In Your Eyes'.

I lent a few records to Sheetz for to make beats, I know he's got my 'Focus 3', my Robert Fripp and Andy Summers record, plus one or two more.

About 15 or so records are at the studio.......I don't want to get into that just yet......

Anyway, I've got over 1200 technically, but strictly speaking I'm at 1193.

I have doubles of 'Rumors', 'Fleetwood Mac', 'Tubular Bells', and Skynyrd's Live 'One More From the Road', which I'm giving to Chrispy. I also have a double of the first 'Starz' record, which is reserved for Tony Alva, who probably has it, so it may be up for grabs.

I'm listening to stuff I hadn't had a chance to spin yet: the second Montrose record, 'Paper Money', Ry Cooder's 'Paradise and Lunch', Rory Gallagher 'Irish Tour 74', Humble Pie's 'Performance: Rockin' the Filmore', Frank Marino's debut...oh that sweet mahogany rush! I was simply blown away by the Harold Melvin and the Blue Notes LP 'Now is the Time'. 'The Harder They Come' movie soundtrack was another highlight. I gotta say, however, that there's nothing quite like the magic of the Raven live double record set; 'Live at the Inferno'.

Wow... that is pretty impressive. What is the LP that you have had for the longest? I was never a good record (or cd for that matter) guy... Putting them back in the cover was hella work.... especially with the records, cause you had that other white cover thingy first, then the outer cover whozit to find too.... fuckit.... stack 'em up.
I am sure that the live version of "Crash Bang Whallop" is a sonic masterpiece... how could it not be?
The oldest record I have, which needs replacing, is Abbey Road, Rod got that for me for xmas 1976. All my Beatles need replacing because they are all old and water damage got some of my 'B' crate, The Beatles and Be Bop Deluxe taking a heavy toll on the jackets, the discs themselves are fine. My Marillion 'Cluthing at Straws' has a bite taken out of the disc, probably Weezer's doing.

AS for the Raven, the live stuff isn't all that much diffrent from the studio versions you know and love. They sound like a horible science experiment gone wrong.

Great stuff.
"That's, um, interesting music Marty..."

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