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Tuesday, September 19, 2006


Well, the G-Men got her done. Just shows, never turn your back on New York. The Jets came close to teaching that same lesson to the Pats.

Overall I went 10/6, not bad.

I appologise to the Jags for infering that the Cowboys should have been able to beat them. The Jags are for real, and they are the last real football team Dallas will have faced until week five, sorry Jennifer, but that includes the Skins, who I will route for, but apparently are not good.

In fact Dallas has a pussy schedule this year, and I guess that's the only way a team of pussies can compete in a league with real teams like the Giants and the Jets.

Gee, I used to reserve that kind of venom for the Pats and Miami, now it seems Dallas has replaced Miami as my second most hated team......how did that happen?

Don't stop hatin' the Pat's they are still more than worthy as are the despicable Cowboys.

I have forgiven Miami for their Zonka/Kick/Warfield days of beating up my beloved Raiders. I now have a little love for them with the exception of when they play the Jets.
I take full responsibility for your new-found hatred of the Cowboys. People filled with envy tend to hate. I mean, you pull for the Jets...All you can do is hate at this point You hate the Patriots for the same reason that you hate the Cowboys.....GREATNESS.
Ah, PoppaRobbie... Don't give yourself so much credit. You are only one in a long legacy of annoying Cowboy fans that I've come in contact with in my 42 years on this planet. Funny, it is this common penchant for blind idolitry for this plastic phoney sports organization that sealed my hate going all the way back to the Staubach. Ed Jones, Golden Richards days.

The pat's I hate for much the same reason, their fans are annoying.

When it comes to negative generalizations about Cowboy fans, no brush is too broad. You're living proof that there is such a thing as a poor winner.
Tony, what makes The Cowboys "phoney"?
Fatsacca, how am I a "poor winner"? I'm just stating facts people! LOL
By the way, I've peeped the Jets' schedule and it seems pretty damned vaginal.
Robbie is right, he is responsible for the metric shit-ton of haterade that I just had delivered so as to hurl more spleen toward the Cowboys.

Sometimes all I need is a good catalyst, thanks Robbie;)

The Pats are my sworn enemy, worry not on that account.
Week two of the season was very rough on me…every team I consider myself a fan of lost…. My Skins did disappoint me…I mean when you cannot beat a bunch of bitches that have to have a news conference to whine about breaking a bone in their ring finger… I mean are we playing football or what the Skins and the Panthers have to turn it around!@!#! You know times are a changing, next Monday the Saints and Falcons are matching up 2-0 both of these teams are getting mad love and respect…something the sorry ass slack boys of Dallas never need to worry about.
I heard that the Cowboys are now scheduling games only against opponents that have synthetic turf in their stadiums because the don't want the get their uniforms dirty. Bunch of sissy poop butt no hangs…

Go Falcons! Go Jets!
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Can you tell me when the Cowboys were a good team?
I can't seem to remember. Come on BIG BLUE!!!!!
Drunken Fool,
The Cowboys were a good team this past Sunday.
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