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Tuesday, September 26, 2006


I started with a small pot of ham stock (water, sabor a jamon, y sazon Goya con azafran), in that I put diced new potato on a slow boil.

In a pan I have diced pancetta frying in a bit of olive oil.

I'm now going to chop veggies, I'll be right back..........

Okay, so I discarded most of the cooked pancetta bits, leaving a few for good measure. Into the grease went a small slab of butter, and:

Diced carrotts, onion, garlic, celery and cabbage ( bit of the cabbage also went in w/ the potato in the ham stock).

Now I'm off to dice the chilis and add them to the sautee; four kinds of chilis, one half of a red bell pepper - again for good measure.

Time for meat. I got sausage. Three kinds. Bockwurst, chorizo, and hot Italian.

I am a brave man.

I sliced the bockwurst and the chorizo, but the hot Italian got squozen out of it's casing.

Everything simmer down!

I'm combining in one pot, and I'm thinking a little milk and heavy cream.

Yes, I'm crazy.

....like crazy person who cooks the hell out of soup! I'm so the man, my New England Chorizo and Bockwurst Chowder is awsome.

You still used the italian sausage even though it squozed out, right?
Certainly, I squoze it out so it would be more like minced pork.
blooking - real time blog cooking.

now all we need is a video camera and you'll be rachel ray!
Rachel Ray is de debil!
I see sazon Goya con azafran in the store and have always been curious what it is and when one would use it. Mind telling?
It's just seasoning, it makes stuff orange and tasty.
azafran is saffron
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