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Tuesday, September 26, 2006


For week three I went 11/2/1 (remember, there are some games that I don't pick a winner for, that's the third slot). Week two had me at 9/5/1, and week one was 7/5/4. Overall I'm at 27/12/6. Not too shabby.

Ha ha on T.A. and his Fal - Can'ts. No running game, and ATL crumbles.

Big ha ha on New England, oh the joy!

If the Giants could keep their opponents from taking the feild until the 4th quarter, they'd do really well.

J.E.T.S. Jets, Jets, Jets!

I love it, love it, love it!

Yep, the Falcons were handedly beaten. Looks like Mora and Co. focused their defensive scheme on shutting down cheater McGreater Bush and the Saints exploited it. It didn't help that the Saints special teams kept the momentum alive by turning up big.

It'll be interesting to see if the Birds can put together a better game plan when the ain't's come to OUR dome. At least I won this weeks college pool.

How'd Dallas do? Oh, they were getting their bikini waxes this week I forgot.
I couldn't make it to the Saints game. To many emotional, heart felt? moments made me reach for the remote then the keys, then the ATM card and finally get to a bar and start a fight!
Yeah the whole 'Reggie Bush saves Christmas' thing got a little bit outta hand.

The Saints will crush the Fal-Cant's in any house.
D Fool,

I know what you mean, if Joe "Shut the fuck up" Theismann mentioned rebuilding or the slippery new turf one more time I was going to break his other leg.


You failed to mention an NFL first to occur this past weekend: A player getting hit so hard they had to remove his spleen. Personally, I’m glad the dudes alright (Chris Simms) and that he’ll recover to play again, but you know if you were the guy that put the lick on him you’d be like, “Damn, I hit a guy so hard they had to take his spleen”.

You gotta love the game of football…
he may need a machine spleen
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