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Friday, September 08, 2006


So, uh, it snuck up on me.

Last night Pittsburgh defeated the weak ass Dolphins, as I would have predicted, but, alas, I did not.

Thurday game - who knew?

Hey! I'm busy!

Okay so my picks:

Carolina over ATL
Tampa over Baltimore
Buffalo at NE - can't pick, I'm getting sick just thinking about watching these two teams
KC over Cincinnati
Denver over Rams
NO over Cleveland
Jets destroy Tennessee
Philly over Houston
Seattle over Detroit
Chicago over GB
Jacksonville over Dallas
San Fran at Arizona - this is tennis I think, wake me up when these cities get football teams
Giants over Indy - Peyton dies tonight in awful car wreck - the worst I ever seen
Washington over Minnesota

I haven't watched any pre season silliness (except four excellent minutes of the Jets defying Philly in a game ending goal line stance), or paid any attention to any sports news on TV or in the papers, so what do I know?

J - E - T - S, Jets Jets Jets!


No love for the Dirty Birds, that hurts.

I saw mamma Manning on the Today show this morning and she called Peyton her "Peytie Pie". I hope all of Giant Stadium is heckling him with that Sunday.

Go JETS!!!
Sorry about the Carolina over Falcons, but that game fall into my 'reality picks' catagory. All 'fantasy picks' go to NYC teams and the Saints.
Game I of the Pats' march to the big show. Be certain.
Tom, I don't know you so I'll let it slide this once, but in the future only negative remarks about the Pats are allowed on this blog.

The more negative the better.
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