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Friday, September 22, 2006


I been makin' soup. Last week I made a soup/stew with pork and beef cubes, standard stuff. A couple days ago I made a chorizo and cabbage soup, that soup was the bomb diggity. Thanks to Jimmy and Ha Jung for the chilis.

Today it's chicken. I bought a whole chicken. In my hood when you buy a whole chicken, you get a whole chicken - head, feet, gutty wutts. I hacked off a chicken head moments ago. The chicken still has half open eyes that looked at me suspiciously. Are all chickens suspicious? I would argue that they are, or should be at least.

I got a ton of produce to cram into this soup, I'll let you know how it comes out, now I'm just boiling the carcass (with feet, no head or guts - guts saved for kitty kat) with dried chilis.


So, I boiled that sucker till it could be pulled apart easy. In the meantime I roasted a plum, a peach, and a small chili.

In a pan I sauteed (in oil and butter) half an onion - diced, half a clove of garlic - chopped, a carrot - shaved and diced, about an eighth of a head of cabbage sliced thin and long, assorted chilis - diced. I waited until the onion and garlic were well cooked before moving along the list, when it was all in, I turned down the flame and let it simmer while I pulled the bird off. I yanked her out of the pot, and placed her in the still hot pan that the fruit and sole chili were roasting. I let that cool before pulling it apart, chucking the bones, skin, fat, and gristle. When I took the fruit out, I placed the plum, pear and chili in a small bowl to cool.

I strained the broth that had developed from the chicken boiling into the simmering veggies, and then put in the good chicken bits, of which there were many succulent morsels of which I did indeed sample.

I peeled the roasted fruit, and along with the roasted pepper (still whole), put in the mix and it's all simmerin' down just now.

I guess it's a sweet and sour chicken soup.


Out of curiosity, do you live in Williamsburg?
Bushwick, but my studio is in Williamsburg.
Ted I believe you are an excellent cook and I cannot wait for the day to sample some of your cooking…but the level of disappointment I felt when the opening blog was not title week 3 pics….what about those Jets Teddy!!@#@!@!
I can vouche for the man's mad culinary skillz. He has worked out in my kitchen a couple of times and was blown away.

Jennifer, darling, scroll down for gods sake.
learned a lesson, trim fat off chicken at same time as head - too much grease, but it was good over a semolina loaf
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