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Friday, September 29, 2006


Atlanta over Arizona
Dallas over Tennessee - even a Percodan loaded TO will have no problem with the Titans
Jets destroy Colts - Manning a broken and bloody mess after the game
Miami over Houston
Buffalo over Minnesota
New Orleans over Carolina
KC over SF
St. Louis over Detroit
Cleveland over Oakland
Jacksonville over Washington
Cincinnati over Pats
Chicago over Seattle
Philly over GB

The Legal Diva will Join AVC, the J-Man, and myself at the Medowlands to see Indy go down.

Hot dogs, beer, and the Jets.....now that's a cocktail!

The Jets came soooooooooo close. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA
You bet. It was the greatest game I've ever been to see.

Um, I hate to say it, but nobody, not even a Cowboy, deserves getting a cleat in the head. I hope yer man is ok, and they send that idiot Titan up the river.
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