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Friday, September 15, 2006


Buffalo over Miami

Carolina over Minnesota

Cincinnati over Cleveland

Chicago over Detroit

Indy over Houston - Peytie Pie breaks a leg running onto the field before kickoff prompting the Colts to lose ten games this season, but they still manage to beat Houston.

Saints over Packers - Reggie continues to run past, over, and through everyone.

Giants over Eagles - Big Blue gets the defense working this week stopping Donovan, Eli makes fewer mistakes, Tikki has another huge day.

Oakland shocks the world with their defeat of Baltimore - McNair falls for the old "Your shoes untied" bit.

Atlanta handily hands Chucky and the Buc's a spanking.

Seattle shows up in Arizona, Cardinals fly away in fear.

St. Louis beats San Fran at both Tennis and Football.

KC falls to Denver - Jake gets it together.

The Jets stomp the Pats - in the parking lot, and then they beat them in the stadium

San Diego defeats Tennessee, after which Collins loses faith in God, goes back to drinking, and his game improves.

Washington becomes the second in a long line of teams that defeat Dallas this season. Parcells reacts by employing his huge man-tits in the offensive line, right and left guard respectively.

Jackson you once again have spoken the truth… you only got one wrong: The Eagles will be all over the Giants….Eli is so over rated and Tinki is good but with a healthy McNabb and the RB/WR that McNabb is working with the Giants are going down...Poor Bill, his little nips will be all over the place alert to all the disappointment that comes for working with TO and for stuck up Jimmy and his slack boys.
I forgot to mention the trade the Giants set up with Green Bay where they get Bret Favres brain for a first and second round draft pick next year. Eli get's the new brain, and the Giants become unstoppable....until they lose to the Jets in the super bowl.
Thanks for bringing up another reason to dislike the 'boys. Their coach, whose name I cannot bring myself speak, has to be one of the most unpleasant, arrogant lowlifes ever to walk the gridiron. This I know from personal experience, as I went to school with one of his daughters during his one year tenure at USAFA. Asshat of immense proportions.
I'd say you got them all right, although Reggie may have some unfinished bidnez back at his alma mater. I’m going to go on record and predict that USC will be stripped of their titles during his tenure there.
Why you gotta bring up old shit? Reggie plays for the Saints now, send as many 'gifts' as you like. Screw USC.
Old shit? He only "graduated" six months ago. I wish him and the ain'ts luck, but cheatin' is cheatin'. I also wouldn't be surprised if it doesn't result in tax trouble for him and his folks.

These college kids have no patience what so ever. I'm mean, he knew he was gonna make a zillion dollars after he was done at USC, why screw your teamates who weren't going to make a zillion dollars with his greed?

More reason to cheer the Dirty Birds on when they go down there to the dome of death.
I think the colegiate system needs to take into account todays world, so what if these guys get 'gifts'? Seems silly.

Go Saints.
Reggie has signed a number of endorsement deals, and each one has a benefit for New Orleans, each company has to give cash to rebuild or fund specific programs, chosen by Reggie.
Speaking from personal experience you have to be very careful when you accept gifts from people who are making money off your talent…when the rules are reviewed its you’re a$$ that on the line and will get the chop….Michigan took all the glory from the Fab 5 golden years to make nice with the NCAA men basketball division I say USC is in for a investigation for real…but I do like what Reggie is doing for the Saints and what he is trying to do for the rebuild of the city of New Orleans….Bill needs a sports bar!!
NCAA compensation rules are pretty stupid. Top level schools make huge money on these guys in more ways than just the gate. Talk about life on the plantation, this is the modern equivalent of indentured servitude. Compensate the kids, football is year round drudgery. That being said, rules are rules until there changed. He can pay the tax man now. BFD.
Yes rules can be stupid and there is nothing wrong with changing or updating a rule. However, at the end of the day the rules are the rules and there will be consequences for violating them. I do agree with you that the student athlete can and will get pimp by the NCAA. Still the plantation statement is pushing it. Look at what USC and other top notch college are offering…you give them 4 good years and you join a club that will open doors for you through out your adulthood. I mean OJ still gets love from USC football club/ alumni. Shocking what if you attend class and actually earned a degree…no one ever had it as good on the plantation like the student athlete is getting it today. I wish Reggie the best but there are some serious consequences if they prove he took those gifts it was a selfish and dumb act.
Yeah, yeah, yeah, whatever....

Now, about those Jets.....

Chad is the man, I only wish Curtis was healthy for what is probably that particular future resident at Canton's last season.
Yeah and no. Most college ballpla yers never see the inside of the pro locker room, as you probably well know. My concern is for the cat that doesn't make the show. These are the guy's that make Reggie's life in the NFL possible.
They ought to get something and I'm not convinced that being a non pro selected guard from USC opens any doors after your college career is over.
Sir you make some very good points for every Reggie there are ten used car Salesmen that played ball with him back in the day…taking the hint from Jackson….will someone please tell me whatever happen to the Quincy Carter he was the Jets QB what happen ?@?!. I am cheering for all the QBs that are coming back from injury and or scandal….I am hoping Wins are had by the Jets, Eagles, Ravens, and Falcons ( because MV is HOT)
Exactly, let's not confuse the point... College football is a HELL of a lot more than the Reggie Bush's of the world. Most scholorship atheletes have no issue with the trade off for their dedicated play. Because Reggie and his geedy ass parents, a bunch of guys who are in management training programs at Enterprise Rent a Car et al are going to lose their rings because a teammate they played their ass off for couldn't fuckin' wait a year or two for his P Diddy money. That makes him a class A dickweed in my book. I can't and won't cheer for him, even though I like the Saints.
Nobody who signs in as 'anonymous' holds any clout on this blog....Next!

...chickenshit lazy ass....

Go Saints, go Reggie, fuck USC, NCAA, et al.
That was me TA I'M working from the GT game here...Man drinkin haterade this morning?
I had six beers before 10 this morning and am watching necks being broken as we speak, what are you doing? Oh sorry, I forgot about your fear of beer...

I'm a ramblin' gamblin' hellofva engineer! gO JACKETS!

What the hell happen to Quincy Cater!@#!@!
I care about Quincy Carter about as much as I care about college football, which is to say zero.

If you ain't got time to log in official like, you gonna have to pay the price.

Sorry, dems da rules.
Man, you must be funneling haterade! For whatever technical reason far above my skill level, I can't figure out how to stay logged in to Blogger on my PPC-6700 Sprint phone. Never knew you to be such a stickler for rules and such. Oh, I DO know that you care about college football to some degree.

I'm sure much of your bad mood comes from the tough Jets loss. It was a heartbreaker. I thought they were going to pull it off.
Yeah, well, how am I supposed to know it's you? I only care about Army football, and I still say screw the NCAA and their silly rules.
I promise:

No more provocative comments while under the influence of "The Famous Grouse".

No more nom de plume (PX Sneakers, Mr Rixey, Lonesome Stoney are all dead monikers).

No more off topic bs.

Best regards
Jericho Cotchery's big catch for a TD has to rate as one of, if not the, most spectacular receptions ever seen. All time highlight reel for sure. amazing.

Don't give up the nom de plume or the off topic BS. The blogosphere is one huge galactic size ball of off topic BS.

Jackson likes to demean things that he doesn't understand and is afraid of like college football (the greatest game in the universe) and, well, beer...
Every Oedipus Rex that doubted that the Cowboys would drag the Deadskins...You may now kiss my ring. Jackson, the Jets lost, it'll happen ay least 8 more times this season. The incoherent HotJBrown is silent. HAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. Tony Alva, you're allowed to wear a big blue star for the next two weeks.
Dallas has one lucky night and you want some to kiss your ring….talk to me Thanksgiving week and lets see how your slack boys are doing then…it was pure luck
27-10....Pure luck? The Cowboys dominated in EVERY aspect. I don't know how else to say this, but only a delusional fartknocker would say something that stupid after watching the flogging that the Deadskins took. HOT AIR BROWN, it's in your best interest to just sit quietly.Cowboys lead the series 55-35-5. The Cowboys SURE are "lucky". Maybe the Jets will win their first Superbowl since joining the NFL sometime before Armageddon. Keep dreaming people! LOL
College Footbal is lame.

I do not fear beer.

What is this Oedipus shit? Why you gotta bring mom and pops into this?
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