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Monday, October 09, 2006


Uh,......what ever happened to "Mission Accomplished"? Oh yeah, we got redirected on a mission of failure that took our attention away from the original mission, and now that mission is on rocky footing at best.

We need new leadership, and we need it now.

So what would this "new" leadership do in Afghanistan? I believe your thought was not to have gone there at all. It's too bad really, because what WILL happen is that it will take another catastrophic terrorist act, more than likely in Europe I might add, for the rest of the world to provide assistance in Afghanistan. It gives me no pleasure to say that, but that's what will have to happen.

We are at war with Islamic extremism. W and the GOP have not executed well, poorly as many have argued, but the one thing you can say for them is they at least understand the threat.

I know you don't beleive me, but I too want new leadership, as badly as you do I'd say, but I have no need for leadership that doesn't understand the threat and the need for this enemy to be defeated. "I told you so" won't cut it and will only make this "new" leadership look stupid after the election day parties are over...
Wrong. If you go back through my posts you'll see that I always supported rooting out the Taliban and securing Afghanistan/Pakistan - it's the bait and switch that you support that I have issues with, as do many, a policy that many of those in a position to know better argued against.

I'm not asking for 'leadership that doesn't understand the threat', we have already tried that.

Knowing something has to be done, and doing the right thing about it are two different matters.
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