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Tuesday, October 03, 2006


About a year ago I set about the task of finding my friend Bill who moved out west twenty years ago. He was my neighbor, friend, and partner in party. I didn't succeed, but I found Sam, who told me he'd get me in touch with Bill, but almost a year went by......and then this morning, lo and behold, a comment from Bill showed up on my post about the Scorpions.

'Sails of Charon' indeed - though Tony Alva hates that song.

Here's a photo of Bill that I found on the web. Apparently he was the sound engineer on the cartoon that the geeks flanking him made. Looks like Bill made the move behind the board as well as Tony and myself. Tony and I never were great guitar players. The moniker 'guitar' was never placed in between our first and last names, but Billy Guitar Devine was my first guitar hero.

This is the Silverburst Les Paul that Bill got in 79 or 80. That event changed my life. I bet he still has it.

Nice to hear from you Bill, send me an e-mail.

At long last! Bill Devine. Shoot Jackson and I an e-mail and fill us in on where you've been.

'Sails of Charon' is without a doubt the WORST Scorps tune they ever recorded, although the YouTube song that Jackson linked to recently off of Lonesome Crow could compete for this dubious distinction.
I can picture the patented Pat-Phillips-mock right now. Your face is inches from mine as you mimic the guitar riff in the most unflattering way possible.

You must firstly realize that my musical ear goes straight towards the guitar and/or hook and usually bypasses lyrics and singing sometimes for decades, sometimes altogether.

Besides any band that lets Uli sing at all gets my vote. The man is out of his mind.

Pretty Lilac.
Oh, I forgot to mention, I do still posess the Silverburst!

It remains the best guitar I have ever played.

I stared at it for an entire year back in '79 at the Caldor Mall until the precious was mine!
You better still have it!
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