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Monday, October 09, 2006


Pity Party anyone? 1,2,3...awwwwwww

What a baby.

What a baby? T.O. handled defeat like a man. He simply said "we lost the game". How well did you & other NY fans handle the anal butchery that the Jets suffered on yesterday by the Jags? They didn't get a reach around, a kiss or even money on the dresser.
Like a man? What game were you watching?

The Jets handled defeat like men - no blame games, no crying about how many times Cotchery didn't get the ball, and yes, they had their asses handed to them by a far better team. You see, Robbie, us Jets fans are used to not getting what we want, we're not spoiled brats like the Cowboys or Yankees, who expect victory to the point where they can't handle defeat.
You mean you're not used to winning...Low expectations and shit. I understand.
No Expectation is more like it - hey, this is New York, if winning is all you care about you become a Yankee fan. Personally I'd be bored if the Jets won all their games, gotta keep it interesting.
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