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Thursday, October 05, 2006


A Texas schoolteacher has been fired for taking a group of 5th graders to the Dallas Museum of Art, where, as you may surmise, there were examples of 'nude art'.


So some kid gets exposed to some ancient Greek statue or a Rodin sculpture, what of it? This sickens me.

I wouldn't have believed it if you hadn't linked to it. Amazing.
Oh yeah, just to show you that Texas hasn't cornered the market on stupid, there's some fucking dumbass lady who, for the second time, is appealing to the GA State Board of Education to have all Harry Potter books removed from school libraries on account that they promote witchcraft. Why do we waste money on this kind of shit.

The only thing postive to come out of the hearing last nioght was that a bunch of students showed up to call her a dumbass as she left the building.
Let send all the kids to DC for the Page program...now that is what you call soft skill training
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