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Monday, October 09, 2006


For years attrocities have been commited in the Sudan, while western media largely ignores it. Finally somebody is doing something, and it's about time.

I gotta ask... Why is it that this post must start with anti Bush screed? Yes, The U.S. SHOULD do more to intervene with this mess and I've said so many times before, but where in the fuck is everybody else?! I don't see French/German/Spanish/etc... troops doing much these days, we're admittedly kind of busy at the moment right, wrong, or indifferent.

"U.N. Secretary-General Kofi Annan warned that Darfur is creeping ever closer to catastrophe, with rape and violence on the rise and humanitarian access at its lowest level since 2004."

Where the fuck is this worthless, crooked, loser and his army? Yep, too scared to come down hard on muslims and Arabs in the face of coddling them in every other ME theater. Gee, Arabs and Islamists are acting like invaders and imperialists, I thought that's what the U.S. job was?

YES, let's get in there and stop this before it gets any worse, but how 'bout the UNITED NATIONS putting together a plan and taking the lead for once. I'm far more disappointed in them than our own moronic president when it comes to this situation.

Oh, and BTW... so we can't count on much help in Iraq from the rest of the world, but how 'bout Afgahnistan? Remember WORLD, the Taliban? They kinda hate you ALL too, so where are your troops? Our guys seem to be in it to win, where are you? Can't even write us a check?

Yeah, that's what I thought, too busy insuring that captured Talban down at Gitmo don't have U.S. troops touch their Korans without gloves lest an international incident start over that.
Typical redirection method.

BTW - Koffi is out, new guy (South Korean) elected.
What exactly am I redirecting? If during WWII the situation in Darfur had reared it ugly head, would you propose we redeploy our troops while the rest of the European nations armies sit around and wait it out?

The U.S. is streched a little thin right now (I still think we ought to deploy what we can though), so I ask again, where are the rest of the free nations of this planet and their troops? I'll tell you, nowhere. They aren't loading up for the Sudan and they certainly aren't in Afganistan. I got no beef with anybody not wanting to jump into Iraq given the way it went down, but Afghanistan? A loss in Afghanistan will backfire far worse on Europe if the Taliban are not defeated then us here.

Ask yourself what is going on in Darfur. THAT'S Afghanistan's future if we are not victorious. yet you're opposed to our intervention there. Like Coffee Can and the rest of that bunch at the U.N. you just can't bring yourself to say that radical Islam and it's followers are assholes of the highest caliber and the oppressive, women hating, facist society they dream of is something to be despised. Further, something that should be stopped by force if necessary. If I heard more of that kind of resolution as opposed to how the U.S. and W were responsible for every bad political situation on the planet blah, blah, blah... I'd be even more supporting of the U.N. initiative.
I'm not sure where and when you got the idea that I opposed any military operations in Afghanistan. I certainly feel very differently than you assume I do.

The redirection lies in your defense of Bush by redirecting the argument toward an indictment of the UN and the rest of the world - well we live here, so let's start w/ here.

We are overextended because of our deployment in Iraq.

You do the math.
The simple equation for deploying our forces should be blood for security. Iraq and Afghanistan are, in my view, worth the efforts
being expended there.

Sometimes you have to fight. Prior to 9/11, we'd been running from the middle east for almost 25 years. We got the invite to this dance in 1979.

We're doing now, albeit very poorly, what we should have done in 1980. 5 presidents and 8 administrations all share a huge responsibilty for the situation we're in.

Everything nowadays is viewed through the prism of Vietnam. Just mention Kissinger and the left needs to change their pants.
We're a nation of pussies and we're happy to fuck ourselves over some abstract concept of peace when our survival is at risk.

"We're a nation of pussies and we're happy to fuck ourselves over some abstract concept of peace when our survival is at risk."

You speak the sad reality...
"Other concerts will take place in Sacramento, San Diego and San Francisco, California; Melbourne, Florida; Atlanta; Louisville, Kentucky; St. Paul, Minnesota; Reno, Nevada; Baltimore; Asheville, North Carolina; Charleston, South Carolina; Milwaukee; and Washington, D.C.

A Canadian show will take place in Toronto."

...why does Canada get it's own paragraph in that story?
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