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Tuesday, October 03, 2006


So, not a great week for me. Jets lost, Saints lost, Pats won....waaaaah! It was nice to see Washington win, though I picked them to lose. Overall, I went 8/5/1 - I forgot to pick the Baltimore/San Diego game. Snoozing and loosing.

The Jet game was awesome! Although it ended my winning streak at Giants Stadium (I'm 3/1 when I'm in the stands), it was the greatest game I've ever been in attendance for. A win would have capped it nicely, but hey, it's the Colts. Peytie Pie is too damn good. They'll choke come playoff time, but man, that guy is Canton bound no doubt.

My hatred for Peytie Pie goes back to his days at Tenn. Him and his bro. But, I've come to see him as more than a dumb redneck from TN, and he's won me over with his sense humor and his mad skillz. His bro's a Giant so I have to like him now.

I also know what you mean about seeing a great game. It's gotta be a great game when you say it's a great game even if your team loses. GT vs. ND was like that. You have no voice from shouting "Break some F'n Necks", your head is pounding from adrenelin, you've got heatburn from all the tailgate food you indulged in, and you remember nary any of it the next day due to the intake of excessive amounts of libations.

That reminds me, Terps vs GT this weekend. OH HELLS YEAH!
Tony I hope the opportunity present itself in the near future for you and I too tailgate together just reading your comments I want to stand up in my chair and yell: What the FUCK are you doing this is not peewee football kick his ASS....I love this stuff man!!!
You Jabronies are a trip. You conveniently forgot that America's Team decimated the Titans (not a huge task), but for you to be happy that the deadskins won? Damn, is this an ass-kissing convention? Jets are officially on my Feces Scroll.
1.Washington Deadskins
2.San Francisco 69ers
3.Pittsburgh STEALERS
4. NEW YORK Helicopters
Haynesworth is a marked man. I just delivered the horse's head this morning.
Pappa, it was out of deference to the Cowboy's center that i ceased my hating. What do you want a medal? So your team won a game aginst a shitty team - big whoop.

Hate the Jets all you like, we'll see who gets further in the playoffs.....
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