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Tuesday, October 03, 2006


Back in 1992, on October 3rd, Sinead lost her shit on live TV. She never recovered from that incident. Though I respect the balls it took, I think she stepped over the line, and never found her way back.

Her most recent work is a reggae record that the Legal Diva likes, and I gotta say it ain't bad, but This, well nothing compares to it - really. Haunting, emotional, perfect.

You wanna hear some real Sinead, check out her "Foggy Dew" and "She Moved Through The Fair" on the Chieftains Long Black Veil record. I can listen to those songs over and over and EVERYTIME have the hair on the back of my neck stand up. These are classic historical Irish dirges that were part of her childhood repertoire. She seems to tire of her politics and embrace the next struggle that she reads about, but these two songs are part of who she is deep down inside. I saw the video of the session too and it was weird watching her become child like while recording these songs of love and war. Good stuff.

I like Dancing on Your Grave (maybe it's called Apple Tree) from the What you Haven't Got record more than the Prince cover.
Also her duet with Shane MacGowan on Haunted. Her voice is so angelic on it.
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