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Tuesday, October 03, 2006


I am not sure which I find more shocking that Republicans actually have sex or that there is a Republican dumber than President Bush….why in the world would you have internet sex…PAPERTRAIL you dumb idiot !@#%@! To hear that having no control of his drinking is the reason he wants to do the wild thing with the boy Pager, Come on America wake up… America is going to hell in a hand basket and it has nothing to do with who and when we have sex but all to do with who we entrust power to in this country it makes me sick.
I guess the old "I was done to me, so I can't help myself" is going to be employed here. Why are these pols not able to take responibility for their own fuck ups?
...And the Catholic priests breathe a sigh of relief.
papa robbie,

That was a good one sir...
In 1994 Rep. Mel Reynolds had sex with 16 year old Beverly Heard. Reynolds gave her cash at each meeting and gave her a pager and apartment keys. In taped phone conversations, they were heard to plot a threesome with another 15 year old highschool girl. During the conversation Reynolds was heard to quip, "Did I win the Lotto?!" He also asked the girls to take photos of their private parts and send them to him. Reynolds was convicted of criminal sexual assault and soliciation of child pornography amongst other things.

Did I mention he was a Democrat?

Did I mention Clinton pardoned him?

I only mention this to make a point and that is that Foley's crimes are are his own and serve neither Democrat or Republican people. His and Rep. Reynolds crimes should be prosecuted to the full extent of the law, that includes anyone who covered up these things.

There are bodies buried in many holes out in the desert my friend and when it comes to politics, they're filled equally between members of both parties.
This is what I hate about Republicans, they defend themselves by pointing out other people's faults.

Of course there are dirty Dems, certainly, BUT, there seems to a lot of bad behavior on the other side of the isle lately, maybe because there have been more of them lately.

I don't defend Dems, I just attack the repugnicans because they are evil and want to bring on the end times.

I believe I'm on record as supporting the Lewis Black Proposal - both parties need to take the next election off.
"there seems to a lot of bad behavior on the other side of the isle lately, maybe because there have been more of them lately."

If you read my comment, and let's be clear, I'm not DEFENDING anybody. My point being that neither case is worthy of any defense (scorn certainly), but look how quickly you fall for the WWF like hype, "This is what I hate about Republicans", "They're all evil", etc, etc, blah, blah,... It's such BS. The sorry truth is that in 30 days nobody will remember this guy or his henious crimes just like everybody forgot about Reynolds (hell, I'd forgotten it until I read his name in the paper today during lunch). Proof of how short memories are of sex scandals, Barney Frank STILL holds his seat to this day.

Wouldn't it be more accurate to say "This is what I hate about politics and politicans..."

Exactly. They should BOTH take the next election off. Crooks and Liars all of them...
Yeah, but that's no fun. I prefer to hurl spleen at the GOP and their moral hypocracy.

I did give it to, er.....whatshisname, the guy with the cash in the fridge - he was a Dem, so.....
At the National Republican Convention in 2000, like a drink with my riffle VP nominate Dick Cheney told America that on the first hour of the first day the Republican party would restore honor and value back to the white house….BULLSHIT, Democrats have too many issues to list here but we do not go around acting like we are the only ones good enough to be blessed or heard by God. We do not act like we are God because we where born with and alumni pass to the top colleges regardless of our GPA or SAT scores but who our daddy is…and you can always tell when you have a Republican caught in the barrel of your gun they are quick to point out your sins…Just one problems Republicans are the ones who made the promise not to sin@#!@!@ Get your ass out of power and out of Washington go back to the Southern Baptist Convention and debate the real issues, should women work outside of the home, are people born gay, etc. In addition, leave the tough jobs to the thinking men and women Vote Democrat !!!
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