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Friday, October 06, 2006


Because of the stupid paranoid racists that inhabit congress, and the stupid paranoid racists they represent, the proposed barrier between Mexico and the US will make it harder for your local Ruby Tuesday's to find someone with any skill to make your surf and turf without your having to pay more for it.

Mexico provides America's line cooks. This is a fact.

Racists? Come on man.

Is cheap fast food really that important to you? Are you saying Americans can't cook? Ever hear of wage arbitrage? The illegal immigrants (from wherever) are the most shamefully exploited labor force in America and you're defending it.

They're presence here is nothing but taxpayer funded corporate welfare. They're here to keep up stock prices for homebuilders and restaurants and keep the fat bonuses rolling in for the executive class. Hope you're getting your cut.

They don't pay taxes but they consume a huge share of taxpayer funded services (education and medical care especially). My monthly nut to the tax man is about $1700, what's yours?

If every shitty corporate fast food restaurant went out of business tomorrow how would life be worse for you?
I'm not talking about fast food, I'm talking about the sous chefs in fine restaurants - as far as taxes go - I don't care, I see much more tax money wasted on shit I hate, like foolish foreign policy, and now foolish domestic policy (the barrier I spoke of), these folks are just looking for work, my ancestors came here for the same reason.
Couldn't have said it better myself Fats... I've got three guys working for me with working age teenage sons who have been unable to find work doing any of the jobs we used to get at there age on account of illegals doing them for a pitence. Its a bald face fucking lie that Americans won't 'do' these jobs. It's companies large and small getting away with exploiting folks with nothing to lose.

No need for a wall what we need to do is fine the hell out of any company big or smalls that hires un-documented workers. I am for anyone coming to this county and taking advantage of the opportunity to make a better way for themselves and their children however you have got to follower the rules man…get your papers
You have to ask why these people risk their lives to cross the border illegally. It's not as if all they have to do is go to the local post office and fill out a few forms, it's so difficult for these unfortunate souls to do it properly, that it's actually easier to travel through the desert for three days and pay somebody a years worth of salary to squeeze you in a truck with thirty other people.
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